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Radio Advertising

Why Radio?

Radio Advertisers get their Money Back 7.7 Times Over.

60% More Canadians listen to radio in a week than access facebook in a month.

80% of Canadians listen to the radio to and from a shopping trip.

Why Pulse FM?

86% of our listeners shop locally in Surrey, BC.

93% of the population in Surrey speaks and understands English.

Real locally owned and locally focused radio.

Real options and strategies for your business and budget.

Real results.


107.7 Pulse FM and South Fraser Broadcasting is committed to serving and staying connected with the city of Surrey and surrounding communities. Pulse FM and our 90’s, 2K and today format is highly interactive, engaging and local!

With fun and real personalities that talk about the very things happening in your life and community, 107.7 Pulse FM is the perfect choice when targeting the 25-45 demographic most businesses are seeking. It’s no secret that women happen to make most of the buying decisions in a typical household.

Pulse FM has been developed with women and families in mind. How powerful is radio to this demographic?

 6% of women consider their radio station to be like a friend or even a best friend.
 78% feel the radio station listened to most understands them, and better than their significant
other (73%).
 They listen to improve their mood, for entertainment, to find out what’s going on and to make
them laugh.
 80% have at least one radio station they really connect with.
 Women love their favourite radio station more than Pandora, Spotify or Apple.
 74% are driven to radio to discover what music is popular.
 75% say when listening they often hear a new song.
 87% tune in to hear the current hits.

Pulse FM attracts both men and women to ensure that we cover the most ground for your business. That said, our primary focus is on the 5 distinct groups of women consumers:

 7% are Emerging Consumers – Not working full-time yet but forming key spending habits
 10% are New Earners – With more discretionary income and described as Canada’s most powerful consumers
 30% are Mothers with children under 18 – Their spending habits have likely changed dramatically due to household demands. They are the Chief Purchasing Officers of their households!
 22% are the Established – Women with no young children at home and lots of spending power.
 31% are the Silver Spenders – Women 55+, who have the highest average income and indulge most in leisure spending. (Globe and Mail)

According to MasterCard and Environics Research Group… 96% of all Canadian Women living with a spouse or partner say they are the primary decision maker in household spending! 55% say they are the sole financial decision maker. (Marketing Daily)

Women influence 85% of all car-buying decisions! (National Post)

58% of all Canadian women describe themselves as spenders vs savers (Marketing Daily)

At Pulse FM, we believe that we must truly understand your goals and objectives before attempting to sell you advertising. Our goal is to help you build your business and grow your success.

Our team of professional and experienced marketing consultants will sit down with you to learn more about your business and determine that best plan to reach your goals within a budget that makes sense.

Contact Pulse FM today to see what we can do for you! Radio doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to exclusively involve radio commercials. We are a media machine for your business. We’re on-air, online and in the your community. Now that’s what I call a triple threat!

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