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A company in Japan has done just that! Piala Inc is giving its non-smoking staff six extra days of vacation per year, they say it is to motivate their employees to quit smoking. The new policy was introduced in September and it is meant to compensate for smoking breaks, which are said to be about 15 minutes each. So if you are a non-smoker like myself do you think companies here in Canada should introduce this policy as well? Would you be on board with that? If you are a smoker do you agree with this idea too or do you think it isn’t fair?

I myself think this is a great idea because of course I don’t smoke, which means I don’t take as many breaks as the smokers that work here do. However I’m sure this would be a tough policy to instill because think of the lost revenue for a company if more days are being taken off as well. Let me know your thoughts here.