The other day I was driving through Vancouver when I looked to my right and saw a bright pink ‘Ladies Only’ porta potty at a construction site.

At first I thought it was kinda cute to have an (I’m assuming) fresher smelling, cute coloured bathroom just for the female species to enjoy.

But then my 2019 feminist brain chimed in saying, wait a minute, is it not sexist to have pink as the gender-identifying color for women? And wait a minute! More and more gender neutral washrooms are popping up in restaurants and high schools, is it not backwards to have a toilet so outwardly reserved for one singular sex?

And what’s interesting about the sign is, it doesn’t say ‘Women Only’  it says ‘Ladies Only’ which is even more old fashioned as the webster definition of a lady is ‘A woman of superior social position, especially one of noble birth.’ Huh? It’s a construction site, not the debutante ball!

But then I thought, ah whatever….a pink porta potty is pretty darn cute, politically correct or not.

Now if only I could get a  pink bathroom for my house….

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