Where’s that mitten….

By | Community, Jen Robbins

There is no doubt that kids LOVE snow.  Especially here in BC, where the novelty of the weather is probably the biggest excitement.

While there are many reasons for adults to groan at the forecast, one of them is the added chore of accessory management that becomes mandatory when the temperature dips.  Isn’t that why we pay million dollar mortgages?  For the privilege of never having to find that lost mitten?

The key to snow accessory management is timing.  You need to make sure that when they come in from building their 6-inch snowman, they immediately put away the items.  Be sure to have your kids hang up any coats or snowpants and place mittens and boots over a heater vent so that when your child wants to go out again, they’re not sitting in a mushy lump wherever they were dumped off!

In between snow “storms”, store mittens and gloves together in a bin near your coats.  You may want to also periodically check the sizing on those winter boots so that you don’t get surprised by too-small boots when the snow dumps next!

And don’t be too alarmed if your tween kids refuse heavy jackets or are wearing shorts in -5C.   They’re certainly not the only ones out there in shorts.

Calling all Runners!

By | Community, Jen Robbins

Local realtor Ghurjinder Bhurji is gathering support for a Surrey-based run, similar to the Sun Run.

“We are a continuously growing city and should have the opportunity to showcase our community in a positive manner, centered around improving the health and well-being of our residents. This event would bring the community together involving individuals of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and cultures.”

If you are a runner, spectator or community supporter, please check out this survey online and provide your input.

Travelling with Kids? How do you keep your sanity?

By | Community, Jen Robbins

Travelling with children.  Every age brings a different set of challenges to consider.

Air travel with newborns is anxiety-inducing… but people tend to give itty bitty babies the benefit of the doubt.  Smiling flight attendants will hold your babies and kindly strangers will gaze upon your little love ball with forgiving eyes.  (Maybe not for those screechers on the red-eye, though).

Moving on to toddlers.  This has to be the most challenging age to travel with.  All those remedies you hear about – they don’t seem to have a consistent effect.  So slipping your little one a kids’ Gravol to prevent any motion sickness may have an unintended effect and have them bouncing off the walls.  And your fellow travellers have much less sympathy for a drooly lunk of a 2 year old than a sweet little sleepy baby!

For those toddlers who have just learned to motor around on their own, whether crawling or walking, good luck having them strapped down for any extended period of time when there’s a whole world around them to explore!  Pro Tip: Let them walk or crawl up and down the aisles in between snack services.  It might tire them out.

For the 3 and up set, hit up the dollar store.  Have a little bag of items that are new to them that might hold their interest.  Playdough is great!  Puzzles are not (you WILL drop the pieces).

Taking an airplane is when you might relax your rules about screen time.  Make sure your devices are fully charged and that any movies you want to watch are downloaded.  You can’t rely on the in-air amenities.

One last tip for plane travel (and some may disagree): when they ask those travelling with young children to board early, DON’T!  Let’s face it.  It takes a LONG time to take off.  You will not need any extra time to settle in.  Best to have your kids burning up their energy bouncing off the airport walls for every last second before you cram them into a tiny little plane full of recycled air.

And for any age… make sure you’re fully stocked with snacks, or at least a good credit card to buy a $7 can of Pringles!

Surrey Libraries

By | Community, Jen Robbins

Surrey Libraries aren’t just first-class facilities filled with any book you can think of… they act as the hub of any of our communities.

The library is entertaining for kids of all ages.  There is lots to look at  and not just books!

Each library also runs a multitude of events on any given day, from Coding Club to Lego Club to Baby Storytime!  It is a great place to meet other families in your community and spend some time with your kids!

Visit the Surrey Libraries website to see all their events at all the locations.  Some events do require registrations and others are drop-in.

Toddle away and join the circus!

By | Community, Jen Robbins

As a parent, have you ever felt like you live at the circus?

Well you can take advantage of that fact and try out Circus classes at the Circus Lab!  The Circus Lab is located in Langley and offers classes for children of all ages in tumbling, trampoline, trapeze, and all the acrobatic fundamentals (sorry, no clown college).

They offer spring break camps and birthday parties as well!

The Circus Lab actually offers FREE programming for the under-3 set, in order to build physical literacy and improve their gross motor development.

For the love of the game…right?

By | Community, Jen Robbins

I think it’s been said a few times.  Each Olympic sport should have a regular person competing as well – just for reference.  When it comes to our kids, for the most part we know that they’re not going to make the Olympics, the NHL or the NBA.  We swear up and down that it’s all about the love of the game and having FUN.  (Some leagues will even make you sign a wavier saying just that!).

But isn’t there some part of us inside that is secretly thrilled when our child excels at one sport?  When the potential opens up to the next level?  When their passion is ignited?

For those of us with kids who are utterly devoted to their sport, whether it be dance, soccer, hockey or any of the other pastimes available to our children – there comes a moment when we realize they could go even further.  Some of us are more committed than others – and some of us just can’t afford to be that committed!  Activities are already pricey as it takes time and money to manage any organized activity, and playing at a higher level comes with even more costs, starting from tryouts (bring cash!).

And then there is the stress for the kids.  Most tryouts are held over several sessions or weeks.  Which makes sense, because most kids won’t show their best every time so this gives them a few chances to shine.  But it really draws out the process!  Some kids will ask over and over again, and some will just be patient and wait.  Some will beat themselves up about their performance and be heartbroken.  Sometimes things are just not working in their favour, but it is our job as parents to reassure them that being successful means different things at different times.

Sometimes throughout the process, it’s really hard to not let our inner commentary out… so be sure to find a trustworthy buddy or your partner and let them know what you’re really thinking so that you can say all the right things in front of your child.  And make sure the siblings are out of earshot too!

100+ People Who Care Surrey

By | Community, Jen Robbins

With all that’s going on in the world today, it can sometimes be hard to find a way to make a real difference.  We are all trying to stretch our budget and our schedule but still want to give back in a meaningful way!

Enter 100+ People Who Care Surrey.  This group was created to help pool together individual charitable donations in order to make a real difference to one local community.

Members gather every few months, hear presenters from 3 local charities give a short speech and answer any questions, and select one by secret vote.  A whole bunch of people donating a little bit each adds up to a meaningful impact for one local charity doing good work in the community.  Connections are also made to the community for volunteer opportunities or other ways of supporting these groups.  The meeting is over in less than an hour.

The group is just starting out in Surrey and has so far raised over $10,000 for groups directly serving the areas of Surrey, White Rock, Delta and Langley.  All money goes directly to the charities and tax receipts are issued.

The next meeting is Friday, February 16 at the Holiday Inn Cloverdale from 7:00-8:00 PM.  Attendance is open to all but in order to vote, members and guests must commit to donating to the selected charity.  However, everyone is welcome to come and learn more.

Valentines Day Contest Grand Prize Winner

By | Community, Tara Lopez

Congratulations Carrie-Anne Hollywood of Surrey for winning the Grand Prize in PULSE FM’s Celebrity Lovers Contest!  For winning the draw, she gets to take home:

  • A Gift Certificate for Dinner for 2 at ULIS WhiteRock
  • Limo Ride to/from ULIS c/o ULTIMATE LIMOUSINE
  • A his-and-her makeover package c/o ADDICTION TO HAIR in Surrey

Congrats Carrie-Anne and thanks to all who played the Celebrity Lovers Game on PULSE FM!