Now that the fall is here it’s okay to start leaving our stuff lying a round in a more visible location because thieves are still counting their loot from the summer season.



As a member of the South Surrey/White Rock Crime Watch I can say with confidence that thieves are ramping it up and not scaling it back.


Car broken into in Redwood Park Sunday afternoon – Purse Stolen.

Reports of a male in his 20’s going thru a vehicle and finding the fob in said vehicle and opening up the victims garage and stealing computer equipment. This happened in the 163-hundred block of 12th avenue this past Saturday in the small hours of the morning.

Third incident car break-in overnight last night. Car broken into Stevens and Cliff in WR.

Despite the vehicle being locked a criminal(s) got past the car alarm and stole a wallet and sunglasses left in the vehicle.

Starting to sense a trend here?

Despite that the police tell us over and over and over again, some are still leaving valuables (or their FOBS) in their vehicle.

They’re called victims.

Please remember thieves thrive on opportunity. If you give them one, they will take it.

Let’s watch out and let’s watch out for one another.

Let’s hope these misery-filled drug addicted ‘ner-do-wells can somehow manage to turn their lives around.

But in the meantime leave our stuff alone!