We live in super busy times!  It seems like those of us who have a family to juggle can’t take time for anything extra.  (I ran out of colours on my Google calendar!)  Does voting really make a difference?  Isn’t it just the same old, same old?

Federal and provincial politics may seem to be more important than say, municipal politics.  I’d say at any given time, most people might know who is mayor of their city or town, but usually will draw a blank at naming any councillors.

Your day to day moments are what make up your quality of life.  The people who steer the direction of your city will directly impact your life.  Parks and amenities are provided by your city.  Services like garbage pickup and snow removal – your city.  The way your city develops is directly impacted by who is sitting at City Hall.

What happens often is that people don’t tend to get politically involved or start paying attention until something is directly affecting them or their families in a negative way.  Any time you are given a choice to vote, you must exercise that right.  We have to stay involved in the neighbourhoods we live, work and play in order to keep our communities safe and enjoyable for everyone.

There are lots of opportunities to vote, beginning with advanced voting on October 6. I encourage everyone to read up on the platforms that candidates are running on.  Most mayor and council candidates are on social media so you can even reach out to them to ask them questions and address your concerns.

And… follow our #PulsePolitics hashtag as we bring you all the local issues and “excitement” of local politics!