This Fathers Day, we want to give you the chance to win a “gas and golf” gift card duo for Dad in a fun and interactive on-air game called “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Call Scooter and Jaclyn in the morning from the week of June 14th to 18th to play!


Here’s how the contest works:

Scooter and Jaclyn will have a caller on the line each weekday morning, and will¬† give them the name of a celebrity with a famous Father. The caller will then have 30 seconds to tell them “who their daddy is” for a chance to WIN:

Example: “Okay caller here is your celebrity… HAILEY BIEBER! Who’s her daddy? GO!

*30 seconds on the clock*

Caller: “Stephen Baldwin!!!”

“Correct! You are today’s winner!”

If the listener gets it wrong, they will move on to the next caller until someone gets it right. There will be 5 winners total (one on each day of the week) who will receive the above prizes!

Good luck and Happy Fathers Day!

There will be a winner daily from Monday to Friday! Winners must provide a mailing address for us to send the gift cards to. Please note that due to COVID-19 and mail delays you will likely receive your gift cards after Fathers Day.



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