Do you even high school bro?

By December 2, 2018Community, Jen Robbins

I have to admit, I wasn’t really into high school activities.

You could usually find me smoking cigarettes behind the school or at McDonald’s.

Maybe this was because we didn’t have too many dances or activities outside of sports teams, there was no school newspaper for me to join.

As my son entered high school this year, I really wanted him to join a team as he is athletic, join one of the 100 clubs they offer, or at the very least just go to a flippin’ dance and be SOCIAL!  I get that Grade 8 can be overwhelming, but where else is there constant opportunity for fun and socializing!

At this stage he has no interest in any clubs or going to social events, breaking my nerdy little heart.  YES, I know I’m probably trying to rewrite my high school history through my kid – CLASSIC!  I just have secondary FOMO*, I guess!


*fear of missing out