Hammer pants and neon, oh the 90’s

Did you rock the hammer pants or neon windbreakers back in the 90’s? Or maybe you wore both? I have to be honest, I loved my neon windbreakers, I hot a hot pink one with bright neon yellow. I wore that thing until it started to tear at the seams. Yes I wore it that much.  My older brother Brian was the one who introduced me to the whole neon thing back then, it was his thing.  Looking at old pictures of myself it seems neon’s were a significant part of my wardrobe as a kid.

I don’t believe I ever had hammer pants, I wasn’t a fan of them then and I sure hope they don’t make a comeback now! I do remember alot of the boys in my school wore them, maybe a little too much. They were good for hiding the extra little weight you were carrying around, but even today when I look at the pictures of them, I wonder how were these ever cool?

Maybe you wore them or you still do, I’m sure even they will have a comeback, the fanny pack did.



Can’t say I ever wore a neon windbreaker nor Hammer pants in the 1990’s, but what I remember being popular were very baggy jeans and big sweaters. But for some reason I let my hair grow long and thought it would be cool to wear a vest with the tightest pants possible. And here’s proof as I’m leaving England bound for Holland in 1995!