How early is too early?

By November 18, 2018Community, Jen Robbins

With the mild weather this weekend, more than a few families in our neighbourhood got to work on their outdoor decorations.  And when we are driving by and peeking in windows we are seeing a lot of  trees up.

It’s still over a month until actual Christmas day but ALL THE HALLS EVERYWHERE ARE DECKED.

At my house, Mr. Surrey Dad wanted to put them up early this year so it didn’t feel like he put  them up and then took them right down again.  I take zero part in the decorating so I have no complaints about the when, wheres and hows (although I take some creative license with the final product).  Sorry, kid.

Does decorating early extend the festive season?  Personally when I see the holiday stuff everywhere, I start panicking as I haven’t even started decorating yet.  But, it does perk up the otherwise bleak time of November/time changing, so I’m not super opposed to it.  Especially if someone else is actually doing the decorating!