Love don’t cost a thing? List of most expensive celebrity engagement rings

You’ve just gotten engaged, showed your friends the rock, when one of them ultimately asks “How much do you think it’s worth?!”

The long-held debate of how much a person should spend on their partner’s engagement ring is one that will never die. Some people say they should spend three months salary, some say no more than a couple thousand, then there’s people who would just prefer a $500 Cosco ring or heck, a heart-shaped diamond band.

The other night my boyfriend mentioned his friend spent $10-THOUSAND DOLLARS on an engagement ring, which is insane. What girl wants the stress of trying not to nick, scratch, or lose a rock the size of half a year’s mortgage payments on their hand? I say, like most things, each couple is different, but love shouldn’t be about dollar signs, it’s about whatever a person can afford. Take it from twice-divorced Mariah Carey, the price of the ring does not determine the long-term potential of a marriage!!!

PS – If you’re wondering what celebrities spend on engagement rings, check out the below list of the top 10 most expensive rings!

10. Kim Kardashian from Kanye West – 1.5 Carat Cusion-Cut Diamond – $ 2 million

9. Jennifer Lopez from Ben Affleck – 1 Carat Pink Diamond – $2.5 million

8. Anna Kournikova from Enrique Iglesias – 11-carat Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond – $2.5 million

7. Mariah Carey from Nick Cannon – 17 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond – $2.5 million

6. Jennifer Lopez from Marc Anthony – 8.5 Carat Blue Diamond – $4 million

5. Grace Kelly from Prince Rainier the Third – 10.47 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond – $4 million

4) Paris Hilton from Paris Latsis – 24-Carat  Emerald-Cut Diamond – $5 million

3) Beyonce from Jay-z – 18 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond – $5 million

2) Liz Taylor from Richard Burton – 33.20 Carat Asscher-Cut Diamond – $8.8 Million

1) Mariah Carey from James Packer – 35 Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond, $10 million


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– Vanessa
@VanessaLYbarra / @VanessaYbarra77