The BEST inventions…

By September 13, 2018Community, Jen Robbins

There are so many great inventions that help us get through our complicated lives.    Microwaves (?), dishwashers, washing machines, garage door openers, and let’s not even get started on all the smart phones and computer apps available to address just about every need you might have!

One of my favourites is the backup camera.  On our last vehicle purchase I had two necessities: backup camera and bluetooth phone connection.  My husband scoffed and was more interested in DVD players (I knew they weren’t going to last).

Now we are both addicted.   I’m completely paralyzed when I have to back out of a spot without my backup camera.  How?  I also back into every spot, every time.  Sometimes when I am backing up in a lineup, the person behind me honks.  I just smile knowingly, thinking “That poor fool lives life without a backup camera.  The shame.”