When do you have “the talk” with your kids?

By January 30, 2019Community, Jen Robbins

Mom, but how does the baby get INSIDE the tummy?

Like many of us, I always answered with some vague, non-committal answer along the lines of “when a mummy and daddy love each other verrrrrrry much…”

When I was a kid, my parents handed me a few books and that was pretty much it.  They were kind of cartoon-y, I guess they were meant to be accessible and friendly to kids.  Of course, I promptly shoved them under my shirt and raced out to show all the neighbourhood kids and we all died laughing at these hilarious pictures.

These days, we do things a little differently.  It’s actually encouraged to teach our children about their bodies, using the real names so that our children can have ownership of their bodies.

We are also just more open about things these days.  My boys learned a lot about the human anatomy simply by having younger siblings.  Whereas my daughter recently discovered what breastfeeding was and still doesn’t believe that’s real.

It’s a more open world these days and with so much available to our kids and their friends and their friends and their friends… it’s up to us to keep the conversation open and going no matter how awkward.