Trailer For The New Gossip Girl Is Out And It Looks STEAMY

HBO Max surprised fans with the reveal of the first trailer for its upcoming revival of the twisted CW series that ran from 2007-2012. “Gossip Girl” has always been about rich, promiscuous, devious kids so a whole new cast was needed around her. The new series stars Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak and Savannah Lee Smith. One thing that has evolved in the nine years since the OG “Gossip Girl” went dark and that’s the increasingly pervasive presence of social media. Secrets are harder and harder to keep in such a wired world, which only heightens the tension for these kids.

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Much Music Is Making a Comeback

MuchMusic is back baby!

Remember that global checkered logo? The hours-long countdowns of music videos from Avril Lavigne to Tamia to Billy Talent? Speakers’ Corner? Young and hip VJs? Electric Circus? With today’s announcement, it might have you wondering, what year is it?

Well, Canada’s favourite music video TV channel from the mid ’80s to the late 2000s is rewinding back to its roots and rebranding as a music-driven social media channel. The network is also partnering with TikTok for the new iteration of the longtime Canadian staple, as it aims to become a “reinvigorated iconic youth brand” focused on “all-new creator-driven content,” the release from Bell Media reads.

The reimagined program won’t be a traditional TV channel like before, but will be available “24/7” exclusively on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Viewers will be getting a throwback to popular MuchMusic TV shows such as Video On Trial, Intimate and Interactive, and MuchMusic Spotlight which will be revived on the rebranded platform.

Chris Harrison’s Payout IS MUCH More Than Originally Expected.. Because He Knows Too Many Secrets

Chris Harrison‘s 19-year run as the host of The Bachelor has come to an end not with a rose, but rather with a non-disclosure agreement and $40 million. “Don’t expect Chris to be sitting down with Oprah like Meghan and Harry or writing a book because he signed an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement before his departure announcement was made,” says sources.

“Chris knew the decision was coming for several weeks as his lawyers had been working on getting him the best possible exit agreement possible. The show wanted his silence and Chris wanted lots of money, so ultimately is wasn’t so hard to reach a deal that made both sides happy.”

Chris was earning around $8 million a season for the last several years and got 5 year’s salary to walk away and keep his mouth shut.” However, maybe the best parting gift is the premiere ratings for the only season without him – which dropped to an all-time love of just 3.6 million viewers.

Apparently Chris asked for the $40 million and the producers didn’t flinch. We’re told despite some reports claiming he only received $20 million the host actually scored a much sweeter deal.