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I did a lot of TV watching this past weekend and I gotta say I found some GOOOOOOOD shows. I recently re downloaded Disney+ and they are WAY more than just Disney+ with shows like ‘Pam & Tommy’, The Kardashians and so much more. Hulu is an American service that has partnered with Disney+ to use as their Canadian platform, so we can enjoy all the good American shows as well. Here are my new 3 fav shows:


Starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short & Steve Martin – This show is perfect for any true crime/dateline lovers out there! With a good mix of comedy and drama, this show is perfect if you want to join in on the investigative side of things or just relax and be entertained.


This isn’t any award winning show but it sure is good! Starring Hilary Duff, ‘How I Met Your Father’ of course a spinoff from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, is a feel good comedy about a group of friends navigating New York City in their 30’s. It’s fun and such an easy watch!


Amy Schumer kills in ‘Life & Beth’, this Drama-dy nails the dry humour and shows you at any point in your life you can change your current path into whatever you want. Watch as Beth navigates her life after losing a key family member and realizing her boyfriend SUCKS, it’s funny, sad and dramatic which is the TRIFECTA for TV shows.