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This is the BEST news for me and my fellow iPhone users!!!

Apple is adding “edit” and “undo send” functions for messages sent through iMessage.

So if you’re like me and you often send texts without proof reading them… this is a great thing. Bye bye spelling mistakes or accidentally sending texts  to the wrong person… yeah that has happened.

You will also be able to mark messages and text threads as unread to flag items you’d like to revisit at a later time. Cool!

So how it will work is that after an iMessage is sent, users will be able to use “undo send” and “edit” buttons to either modify or delete their messages! I wonder if this is going to create any issues though… like re-writing history… or previous texts hahha!

The feature will be available through iOS 16, although the exact date of the rollout for the new iteration has not yet been revealed.

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