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We took the plunge…again.

My wife and I spent a number of weeks looking for a buddy for our 4 1/2 year old cat Ginger.  She had been alone for a year and after speaking with our vet, we all felt the time was right for us to explore getting a new buddy for The Ginge.

As much as I speak about this on the air, especially with Leah Holiove and Neil Morrison, both of whom are cat owners as well…this is a process.

Finding the right fit for your family can be a process, and quite frankly should be!  You can’t just pick the first fur ball you see, you have to do some homework and make sure the fit is as good as it can be.

Our cat Ginger had been beaten up relentlessly by our previous cat Muffin, to the point of where we had to surrender her back to the organization that we had adopted her from, after three years of lots of love from us it was heartbreaking.  But this organization did not give us all the details on Muffin, and we found out later that four of her litter had been returned due to the fact that the cats were feral.

Our cats are indoor cats, and as much as we tried everything for Muffin to succeed, nothing worked.

This time around, the vet, a gentle soul by the name of Dr. Carly from the Oxford Animal Hospital, said that if we are going to get a little buddy for Ginger, get a wee one, a little kitty, and get a little boy, as it seems that little boys and girls that aren’t littermates have the best chance for success.

***An aside here, everyone one has a different opinion on what is and what isn’t the right fit.  You will only know yourself what the best fit is by asking questions.

After a few months of looking, I spotted Freddy!  Our new little boy was on the website of the Cat Therapy and Rescue, who do their adoptions thru the PetSmart franchises.  PetSmart doesn’t make money off of the adoption, that goes to the agency.  PetSmart makes their cash from you buying everything the cat needs.

Yesterday, the adoption for Freddy was $200…and even though I have tonnes of cat stuff at my home, I had to get different food, another litter box and other supplies…another $200.  Now I will also take the squirt in to the vet for a look and check up from Dr. Carly, kiss another $150…

$550 in the first couple of days…and 20 years of love and attention required…it is an investment and worth every penny if you love animals.

BUT ask the right questions and as much as you might love what this cutie looks like, don’t take the plunge unless you KNOW it is the right fit.