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The City of Delta’s overall Crime Severity Index (CSI) has held steady at just under 53 index points for 2018, and continues to be low in comparison to the Metro Vancouver average. The Canadian CSI saw another slight increase from 2017 to 2018, sitting at 75.

Delta’s non-violent CSI saw a 4% decrease, while the violent CSI increased nearly 30%; the combination of these factors led to no significant change to the overall Index. Delta Police have implemented a system that directs activity towards problem areas in the city, resulting in a decrease in property crime.

Violent crime has experienced upward trends across Metro Vancouver and in Delta, the increase is associated to crimes between persons known to each other and includes domestic and family assaults and assaults against associates and co-workers. It is important to note that both stranger assaults and gang-related violence remain minimal in Delta.

“The City of Delta has experienced consistent declines in CSI rates over the past decade. The 2018 increase in violent crime is a concern, and while we work to prevent crime, there is also an element of education, social support and community engagement required by us to reduce instances of violent victimization in our community. Of particular focus for us is vulnerable populations including isolated seniors, at-risk youth and those suffering from mental illness and addiction. By supporting those who may be at increased risk, we hope to reduce instances of violent crime,” comments Cris Leykauf, Public Affairs manager for the Delta Police Department. “And while we work on initiatives to reduce risk in our community we will continue in our efforts to keep non-violent, property crime low.”