Surrey School District released its back-to-school plan earlier this week but a lot of parents say it doesn’t contain a whole heck of a lot!

Yes it outlines what kid’s schedules will be, how morning drop-offs will work, but a South Surrey mom who called into the Pulse studio says the biggest elephant in the room that’s missing from the report is how social distancing will work in classrooms, given that where kids spend 90% of their time.


With quite a few people in their extended family having compromised immune system, the mom of two says the ideal option would be a homeschooling program that keeps her eight year old daughter still attached to her school so she doesn’t lose her spot.

For now, patience is the key.

“Just wait and see. What we’re telling our eight year old is to be patient and everything will be fine. Worst comes to worst we just won’t go to school. We’ll have a circle of friends she can hang out with in her bubble, socially-distanced playdates. Just taking it day by day and seeing what happens come  September 10th.”