This whole back to school back and forth has left parents, teachers and students at the mercy of the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing numbers in cases and the fear of the expected second-wave have us scrambling.

Mexico seems to have come up with a solution that I think is innovative, inclusive and well, downright brilliant!

Four of the major broadcasters have joined forces to offer educational programming through the television. Different channels for different courses and grades. Funny, as I kid I was told don’t sit in front of that TV all day – well, this is 2020 and things are sure different!

The idea is so prefect for a city the size of Mexico and the many families that can’t afford computers or laptops for online learning. Plus, it may engage and educate people of all ages, non students that can now access lessons too!

2020 has been a bust, that is for sure – but some of the imaginative systems that we’ve, through necessary adaptation put in place, I think are awesome!