In between the hallways today Pulse Mornings Host Rudy and me got talking about couples and communication.
Yes, we talk about more than cat memes and Justin Bieber in the pulse hallways (ok not really, but sometimes!)
I was mentioning how my fiance Deryck and me rarely fight. The only time tensions get high are when we go canoeing / crab fishing in our favourite spot Deep Cove.

How it works is when Deryck is busy dropping crab traps in the water or vice versa pulling them out, my job is to watch for speed boats ripping by and make sure the front of our canoe is facing the oncoming waves so we don’t topple over (Apparently the front of a boat is called a “bow”, have to get back to you on that one)
But that’s not it. Oh no no.  Along with making sure the “bow” is facing the right direction, I’m also in charge of making sure the boat doesn’t travel back or forth, that it’s stuck in the same spot so it’s easy for Deryck to drop the traps straight down.

Can you see what I’m getting at?! I dare a couple to try and do this and not fight.

For some reason Deryck seems to think I grew up taking paddle lessons and upon seeing a wave instantly know the correct paddle combo.  “Aight, 12 paddle forward, 5 backup, should keep us upright skippy!”
Honestly, how often do you get to practice going up against a wave?! It’s like skiing at the start of the season. You take off from the top of the mountain and hope you don’t die.

A “still” calm moment!

















Not gonna lie we got in a few good tiffs over the weekend that went something like this.
Deryck: “Why are we turned around”?
Vanessa: “I don’t know. I’m trying my best! It’s not like I’m an expert paddler!”
Deryck: “No, but I expect you to use common sense.”
Vanessa: “Excuse me?! How can I use common sense if I never do this sport? I’m not gonna come out anymore unless you’re nice to me!”
Deryck: “In life or death situations, there’s no time to be ‘nice’…now PADDLE!!

The three or four beers we crush waiting for the crabs to bite usually help smooth over the tension long enough that we forget about our tiff. That is until next time we’re out on the water annnnnnnnnd repeat!

Deryck “decompressing” with our Yorkie Sam


Still, I love him and really do appreciate him introducing me to a whole new hobby but it remains our #1 hot button and just shows the importance of learning to communicate with one another!

The amazingly good, fresh crabs at the end of the day also don’t hurt either ha!

What’s the most ridiculous thing you and your partner fight about?

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