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I love a cozy rainy day, where I can just sit and listen to the rain fall. It seems to soothe my soul  and I know that I don’t have to worry about watering my plants outside, thanks rain!



Did you know that that rain is more than just a plant watering, windshield wiping, wet annoyance? Let me tell you, if you have anxiety – rain is your pal!  The fresh smell of rain known as Petrichor can calm the mind, and release suppressed emotions and thoughts.

Here are six other benefits to rain:

  1. Getting active in the rain and chilly weather burns more fats and calories! Makes sense, that energy demand rises when running in cold or rainy weather causing an increase in metabolism.
  2. It helps you exercise longer and faster! Of course, when we get active our muscles heat up as do we and rain is like our cooling system!
  3. Relax, says the rain – the repeated non-threatening sound is therapeutic in its message to relax, relax, relax, relax….
  4. Your body learns to adjust – and as it should be able to handle different situations! When you go from dry to wet it forces your body to adjust and can actually make you quicker on your feet!
  5. Rain cleans the air – and we know how much pollution is in our environments – so again, thanks rain!
  6. It’s great for your skin and hair! Unlike our tap-water, rainwater is fresh and doesn’t contain harmful particles and minerals – plus its alkaline which doesn’t mess with our own PH levels.