Don’t want to wait until Christmas to get festive with your Christmas tree? Why not, decorate a Halloween tree?

This seems to be the newest seasonal trend, and I love it! We all need a reason, especially in 2020, to feel festive and look forward to something fun PLUS with trick-or-treating becoming an issue this year with social distancing this is something that you could do with the kids and celebrate Halloween in a creative safe way!

I think, making the Halloween tree an October month-long event similar to the advent calendar at Christmas could be a lot of fun for the kids! Fill that Hallow-tree with spiders, ghosts, witches, ghouls, and CANDY!! Each day in October let the kids pick one candy off the hallow-tree and put it in their ‘candy bag’ then on October 31st let’em have at it! They still get the excitement of that full bag of candy and the sugar rush that goes with it, but, safely from their own home in their family bubble!!

Here are a couple of the Halloween trees that I found