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Do you have Green Party fever?

By November 6, 2017General

Andrew Weaver is excited about the prospects for his party.

Given official party status this week, the Green Party will now be given a bigger seat at the table at the BC Legislature and also the ability to use a few more resources to hire some more staff.

Dr. Weaver, in his conversation on PULSE of the Fraser Monday morning, also had plenty to say about what to do with Site C, the Massey tunnel/bridge, Proportional Representation and more…

My conversation with Dr. Weaver is right here

What do you think?  Now that the Green Party is making its way into our political landscape are you convinced?  Would you vote green now that they have joined the BC NDP to topple the Liberals?  Can they govern themselves?

All great questions, I’m not sure even Andrew Weaver has all of the answers yet.