So if any of you read my blog and heard me talk on the radio about my experience recently with Skip the Dishes then you won’t be surprised to know that I decided to try a new food delivery app. I won’t get too much into my experience with Skip the Dishes, needless to say I waited over 3 hours one day for an order that should have taken 25 at the most. I figured it was time to say goodbye to them and try out another app, DoorDash.

So we ordered for the first time this last Wednesday and I was a little leery since my experience with Skip weeks prior had not been so good. However I thought let’s see what DoorDash can do, and I have to say they were great.  It was easy to navigate the app, the texted me to let me know what stage my order was at and I felt like they had great communication.

I placed the order at 4:40pm before my favourite restaurant was open and picked a time of 5:45pm for delivery, it was the earliest they had. As soon as the restaurant opened I received the message that they were starting on my order and I was expecting my order to come around 5:40pm but at 5:20pm my order was hot and ready for me at the door.

I thought to myself wow they are great but maybe it was a fluke, so we ordered yesterday again. I ordered at 5:20pm and they texted me 5 min later saying they were ahead of the schedule and would be earlier then predicted! I received our order at 5:40pm.

I have to say they are two for two and they were the fasted deliveries I have ever had, never in a year since I have been ordering Skip the Dishes had an order come that quick. So bye bye Skip and hello DoorDash.