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Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon is calling on the NDP and Bonnie Henry to provide data on why BC still has to wear masks, saying British Columbians deserve to know what goes into making their decisions, as well what it will take to have the restriction lifted.

Read the official statement:

“British Columbians have done everything they’ve been asked to do for the last two years and, encouragingly, B.C. has lifted most of its COVID-19 restrictions.

“The restrictions have taken a heavy toll on the economic and mental health of British Columbians and they expect government to provide clarity on how B.C. is moving towards an endemic approach to managing COVID-19.

“As people begin a return to normalcy, government must provide clear benchmarks as to what will trigger the end of British Columbia’s remaining restrictions. With the majority of Canada now providing clear guidelines on the removal of remaining restrictions, it’s imperative that the B.C. government explain how they’re reaching decisions and release the relevant data to back it up.

“People want to do the right thing, but they are past the point of being told ‘just trust us,’ without an explanation why.

“We have always supported public health orders and continue to do so. But to maintain the confidence of British Columbians and begin healing divisions, people need to be trusted with all the relevant information so we can move forward together.”

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