Gurveen Dhaliwal (Independent) – Team Cote

By September 24, 2018General

I was born and raised in New Westminster with Queensborough having always been my home. I work for the Province and hold a Bachelor of Arts from UBC, with a major in Sociology and minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. I am an active member of our community and I see an opportunity for our district to be more supportive, and champion inclusivity. I’m committed to introducing creative approaches and a fresh perspective to ensure that every student is supported and that our community thrives because of it.


Ensuring all students have families have access to mental health support services
Utilizing traditional and modern methods to connect with families
Continuing to promote and foster environmental stewardship from K-12
Coordinating with the Province and the City to plan for the unique needs of each school
Making New Westminster a leader in implementing BC’s new curriculum