Question for you – is there more nudity than is necessary at your gym?

I ask this question because…a Vancouver Island man has lodged a complaint with the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan after he and his son thought some of the older frequenters at the centre are walking around the men’s change room sans clothing.
Nothing crossing the line going on he believes, but – and I can understand where this guy is coming from when i say – What is wrong with using a towel to cover yourself up?
It happens at my gym too. Being honest, some of the, ‘older statesmen’ do the same thing.
Okay sure, it’s the gym – but isn’t there a little room for some cover-up? Towels are given out for free at my gym. There not only for drying, but for covering parts up that we don’t need – or may i add would appreciate not seeing.
You’re not going to get rid of all nudity – it’s a gym. But there should be some form of, ‘etiquette’ in play here, no?