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Apotex Inc. makes Mirvala birth control pills for a 28 day cycle. However, Apotex is recalling a specific lot of these pills because there is a mistake — a placebo in place of an active pill. 

“Mirvala 28 packages contain 21 white pills (active pills that contain hormones) and seven green placebo pills (inactive pills with no hormone). Taking the pills in the proper order, according to the instructions that accompany the product, is important for preventing pregnancy.” Health Canada said on their website Friday. (via News1130)

Health Canada urges people who use this particular birth control to check their product to ensure that it has 21 white pills. If someone has a defective pack they can take it back to the pharmacy and get a new one. Health Canada also urges those who may be unsure to play it safe and consult a pharmacist nonetheless.

The affected batch has these particular specifications — DIN: 02410257, UPC code: 771313225328, Lot: LF21272B, Expiry Date: 08/2022

People who may have any questions or concerns can contact Health Canada’s physicians or contact Apotex Inc. at 1-866-534-9986.