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We all have those bed time cravings! But, studies show that certain foods will keep you up and disturb your sleep schedule. So naturally, we wanted to know the top 5 BEST snacks to have before bed!

Warning.. these foods are BORING!

1.  Walnuts.  They’re filling and full of nutrients.  They might also help you sleep, because they’re loaded with melatonin.

go vegan GIF by Simple Happy Kitchen


2.  CHOCOLATE-covered nuts.  They’re okay too, but it has to be dark chocolate.  And don’t eat too many.  There’s caffeine in dark chocolate.

chocolate GIF by Shaking Food GIFs


3.  A banana.  It’s another one that might help you sleep.  Potassium is a natural muscle relaxant, and there’s also a little tryptophan in there.

Banana Potassium GIF


4.  Greek yogurt with berries and almonds.  It helps you sleep by keeping your blood sugar balanced.  There’s protein in the yogurt . . . carbs in the berries . . . and fat in the almonds.  Those three things together are good.

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5.  PEANUT BUTTER . . . but on a rice cake.  And it has to be “natural” peanut butter, not loaded with extra sugar.  So, a big spoonful of Jiff isn’t the same.

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Whats YOUR go-to bed time snack?

Scooter: Cereal

Kate: Toast