It must be another long weekend approaching because here’s another blog about the ridiculous price at the pumps. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but the price of gas has gone up again. Three cent per-litre today and according to gas, and another four cents tomorrow. You can blame the fact that we rely so heavily on US refineries that they can only send so much, and when we all decide we’re going to Kelowna this weekend with the kids to play on Okanagan Lake, we’re going to pay. If we had listened to those who told us years ago that we need to keep up with infrastructure to ensure times like these didn’t come, perhaps we wouldn’t be paying such ridiculous prices. But we didn’t, we listened to a small visible minority and we hugged a tree instead. Same thing happened today in the Federal Court of Appeal. A three-judge panel ruled against the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. What do you think that will mean for gas prices? If we continue to want fossil fuels to power our vehicles and pollute our air, we need to build the infrastructure to keep up. Pretty sure that had our forefathers (and mothers) listened to the vocal minority, we’d be armed with machetes cutting through the forest to get to Kelowna, or anywhere else for that matter.