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If you’re like me, you’ve likely raged a bit while o the road. I mean, I haven’t stopped the car to drop the gloves but I have been known to honk a horn from time to time.

Road rage is one of those things that can happen when you least expect it. A bunch of people were asked what kind of rage behavior they’ve experienced while on the road and here’s how most people stack up.

34% of people have honked at someone for driving too slow.

32% of people admit they’ve given another driver the finger,

18% have tailgated someone.

12% have cut in front of a bunch of people who were waiting in line to merge.

7% have stolen a parking spot from someone who was waiting.

7% have driven in the shoulder to get around traffic.

7% have dinged someone’s car in a lot and drove way.

4% have keyed a car.