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Have you watched the first couple episodes of the new Game of Thrones prequal series House of the Dragon? I watched the first episode and it’s awesome. Blown away, huge fan and can confidently say I’ll fully commit to the new season. With that said there’s some outcry for the fact that a trigger warning wasn’t issued before a particularly gruesome child birthing scene and some people more or less boycotting the new series or demanding like an apology? When it comes to responses like this I’m half tempted to point to the giant “RATED R” that plays during the opening credits. You’re watching Game of Thrones. It’s not a family friendly show by any means. If you’re reading a book about a serial killer and it comes to a part in the story where the killer kills someone and you get upset that there wasn’t a blank page with a “trigger warning” right before a pivotal part of the story that’s nonsense. You know what you’re signing up for. I’m not saying it’s not a violent show, we all know it is, but to go into it knowing it’s violent and then get upset that it was violent is just silly.

The show is awesome. If you don’t like blood don’t watch a show where people get killed every episode.

Rant over.

– Jeremy