May 22 is National Buy a Musical Instrument Day, and it’s an opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the impact of music on cultures around the world. In the  history of all civilization lies some point where music underscored acts and events of importance, be it drums of war or songs of marriage, birthdays, or religion. Indeed, in many societies, art such as beadwork, pottery crafting, dancing, painting, and music is a key part of life.

For me, music has been my get-up-and-go, my medicine, and my comforting pal when needed, never-mind the best way to get over a break-up! I have tried to play instruments but prefer, because I kind of suck at it – to just be a listener. The fact that my parents allowed me to try playing ( their poor ears) as a child is awesome, and I think it helped develop my passion for music! It is very hard to imagine a world without songs, or melodies, or even tunes that get stuck in our heads. Music nurtures us, develops us, accompanies us, and rewards us as we journey through our lives.


Studies show that those who play musical instruments tend to do better in school and work, experience more happiness and productivity, and experience less stress. Programs in music (and other arts) give teens a chance to find their passion, de-stress, make friends, and hopefully be happier overall. Happy teens? That IS cool! Thank- you music!!