The dark web. Scammers. Viruses. Threats. Lies. Not talking about the current U.S. presidential situation – actually, I’m talking about the internet. The last completely free place to go without worrying about anyone trying to tell you what you can and can’t do and what your can and can’t read. And it’s time for that to change. Like the mass shootings in the US and the second amendment, the people who say, ‘the internet should not be policed’ are just as ridiculous as the NRA when they say the US needs no new guns laws. It doesn’t make any sense AT ALL. The net has gone from a place to get information, exchange information, sell things and look at pet videos to a place to be spammed, to be extorted, to having your personal identity compromised, and all behind those who are lot more savvy than you and i will ever be. Don’t for second believe that the internet is a safe place to be in this day and age. It’s not. And it’s time to shut the bad people down.

Just sayin’.