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NOOOO! Looks like we may have one fewer option when it comes to keeping cool in Metro-Vancouver this summer.

Here’s the story:

The Vancouver Park Board says the Kits Pool may not reopen after a major storm hit the region in January.

In a video shared on Twitter, Peter Fox — the manager of recreation services for the Vancouver Park Board — says, “The storm was unlike anything we’ve experienced before.”

He says a huge storm surge sucked up water from the ocean creating huge waves that flooded the pool and the deck.

If this happened back in January, why is the Vancouver Park Board only announcing this now?

Fox says staff were unable to get in and inspect the pool tank until only a few weeks ago.

“We had to wait for the pool to be fully drained and for the groundwater and tides to subside,” he adds.

He says they observed cracks in the pool deck floor.

“We know Kits Pool is an absolute favourite for so many Vancouverites every summer, but to keep everybody safe, we really need to take the time to do the assessment and the necessary repairs. This work is expected to extend into the summer.”

To offset the impact, the Vancouver Park Board will be opening Second Beach and New Brighton pools earlier in the morning, and staff are working hard to explore other options (DailyHive).

Where is your FAVOURITE place to swim outdoors in Metro-Vancouver? Is it a pool? Is it a beach? Let’s chat recommendations on other options besides Kits pool over on Facebook @Pulse1077!