(Langley RCMP Press Release)

The holiday season is now behind us (except today is Ukrainian Christmas – Kristos Razdyetsya). It is challenging to measure the success of the December CounterAttack Campaign. There are so many statistics to consider.

53 Impaired Drivers were apprehended between November 29th and January 1st (Breakdown below). Conservatively, fines, fees and penalties related to these offences total over $40,000.

18 Drivers who were Prohibited or Suspended for a variety of reasons were apprehended and taken off the road.

97 Speeding tickets were issued with an additional five violations of excessive speeding which also includes a seven day vehicle impoundment. For a whopping total of over $21,000 in fines.

63 Intersection related violations (red lights, stop signs, pedestrians, etc.) – $10,521 in fines.

42 Cell phone tickets – $15,456 in fines.

19 other moving violations (Drive without due care / consideration, fail to remain at a collision, etc.) – $6,992 in fines and / or court appearances.

27 Administrative violations (no license, no insurance, etc.) – Between $7,774 and $15,824 in fines.

42 Non-moving violations (fail to comply with license conditions, vehicle equipment deficiencies, inspection orders, etc.) – a minimum of $4,500 in fines

Four (4) Seatbelt violations – $668 in fines.


The concerted efforts by Langley Detachment proved to be beneficial, as there were no serious or fatal collisions during this time period. Langley RCMP want to thank the vast majority of motorists who followed the rules of the road, and chose not to drive while impaired.

Break down of Impaired Driving during CounterAttack Campaign
53 Impaired Drivers apprehended:

– Three (3) Criminal Code Impaired Drivers (alcohol)
– Three (3) Criminal Code Impaired Drivers (drugs)
– 21 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions
– One (1) 30-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition
– 11 3-day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions
– Nine (9) 24-hr suspensions (alcohol)
– Five (5) 24-hr suspensions (drugs)