Mariah is dialing her lawyer as we speak!

A woman ordered a Mariah Carey ornament recently and well….let’s just say it appears the artist may have had a few too many rum and egg nogs before reaching for the paint brush. In order to fit her eyebrows around her gigantic swooping bangs, for some reason her left eyebrow is painted SMACK DAB in the middle of her forehead. What do you even call that? “Fye-brow”?! Not only that, but why is it so much darker than the other one ha?! 













The Queen of Christmas had some fun with it, tweeting she won’t be ordering her own anytime soon, but ultimately it’s the thought that counts!

Are you kidding me?! Mariah Carey, the same woman who travels with her own makeup / hair convey, not to mention has a custom wind machine setup everywhere she goes, says she isn’t bothered?!

A hundred bucks says her garage is piled high with the things making sure they never see the light again!

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