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Every year we go to my cousins house for dinner and let me tell you my cousins can cook, like a I mean really cook. Me not so much, I did NOT get that gene. I’m good with dinners out and I’m a pro at microwaving, my microwave (Mickey) gets alot of action in my kitchen. I am a lone vegetarian in a huge meat eating family, so I was kind of nervous on how it would all go down and how they would react.

I figured I would bring something for myself to eat like I normally do when I go to dinner parties, but then I thought no I’m going to see if I can make a whole dinner out of just eating the sides as a meal. It’s always fun having to explain why you’re a vegetarian to people and how it works, I’ll spare you the details. It’s also surprising how for some reason everyone still thinks you can eat fish. Ummmm fish is meat people, so no. I get asked that all the time by the way.

Once I got threw the interrogation I grabbed myself a plate, I filled it with scalloped potatoes, carrots, stuffing and bread. To my surprise by the end of the night I was full! So yes it can be done, you can be vegetarian on Thanksgiving and still be full, happy and grateful.

I’m not to sure how next year will go because by then,  I’ll be vegan.  I’ll just bring wine, plenty of it.


Leah Holiove