The Prime Minister says October 17th is now the date Marijuana becomes legal in this country. He made there statement in the House Of Commons today just before MP’s go on their summer break. (When are you going on yours?) Mr Trudeau announced the government will push back the original legalization date of July 1st so that the provinces and territories will have more time to be ready and to have everything that needs to be set up, set up. In case you missed it earlier this week the senate backed down on wanting individual provinces to decide whether growing personal marijuana would be legal or not. One amendment of a few they have since backed down on. It will be legal to grow for personal use. The Justice Minister says legalizing Marijuana will protect young people and keep organized crime out of the Pot Market. In the state of Colorado it has done nothing to curb the underground economy. Evidence shows this. There is more to understand and so much more to learn. From the perspective of those in chronic pain – this may finally be a way to end their suffering. Good thing. But if the stoners cause the price of a bag of sour cream and onion chips to go significantly due to lack of supply…bad thing.