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At approximately 9:45 a.m. on Thursday Delta Police received a call about a collision involving two semi-trucks in the 3500-block of Deltaport Way.

One truck was travelling eastbound on Deltaport Way and the other truck was travelling westbound at the time of the collision. Delta Police were on scene shortly after the incident occurred, as was the Delta Fire Department. The cause of the collision has not been determined, but police can confirm that one driver received non-serious injuries.

Delta Police’s Traffic Section is leading this investigation. It is currently not known when Deltaport Way will re-open.

“We recognize that a road closure like this causes significant delays for drivers accessing the port. Thank you for your patience and understanding while our officers investigate”, says Delta Police spokesperson, Cris Leykauf. “This is a very serious collision, and investigations such as this take time. The process of clearing the road of a collision of this magnitude is also complicated, she added.

BC’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement branch is assisting Delta Police in this investigation

Photo Credit: @giftyminhas

Photo Credit: @wezel_lucas