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When opportunity arises, we are told to take it. That’s what I’ve alway been taught. But what happens when Opportunity is corrupted by Greed? A recent picture of a car parked in parking spot at a mall somewhere in BC has people little upset. Perhaps it has something to do with the signs that insinuate you can have my spot…but it’s going to cost you. The person who has the sport is willing to give it up, but for $10.
Another situation involves an App that searches for wait times at local clinics – and will make you a reservation for the low low price of $5 as long as you book it thru their app. I can see the opportunity in that. Reduce someone’s wait time at a clinic and book it for them so they don’t have to wait and wait and wait…despite some crying foul it’s a great idea by the people at Medimap. What would be an even better idea? Not having to pay a fee, but someone has clearly seized an opportunity and compared to taking a parking space in a busy mall and offering it for $10 – well – there is no comparison.
Opportunity and Greed travel in very close proximity. It’s up to us to figure out which one is which.