Pauline Greaves – Candidate for Mayor of Surrey

By September 25, 2018General

The Proudly Surrey Team believes in a Better Surrey where policies and programs are designed For the many, Not the Few. We promise what we can deliver. Our focus is on restructuring our city’s relationship with other levels of government. We want to bring more local control and oversight to our transit system, police force and school staffing policies, and reshape how Surrey conducts its own affairs.

My working career has been varied with a primary focus on education and social services. I am presently teaching at the post-secondary level and serves on the City of Surrey ‘s Diversity Advisory Committee.

I hold a MA in Criminology and a PhD in Education Administration. My understanding of the barriers that low-income and vulnerable people face is not just based on academic knowledge, it is grounded in my experience in helping people.

To have a prosperous, egalitarian city, we need practical policies.