Pitt Meadows now has bragging rights as the place with the sorriest bus stop in all of North America! An American website called StreetBlog USA posted on their site three days ago that they were on the hunt to find the sorriest bus stop in all of North America. It started out with 16 cities around North America including Pitt Meadows, then people voted as the cities were pitted against each other.  Then it ended up being between a bus stop in Cincinnati and (Vancouver) which is really Pitt Meadows, they just call it Vancouver, I know I know.

The bus stop in Pitt Meadows is along Lougheed Hwy just east of the Pitt River bridge, it is pretty sorry looking. It is right beside the highway, I mean aright beside it! You stand right beside the bus lanes and there is no cover and vehicles sail past it. I would be scared to stand there too because there is a cement barrier and not much room!

The result came in today and Pitt Meadows won by a landslide taking 58% of the votes to Cincinnati’s 48%! The website said maybe Pitt Meadows won because of the sad guy in the white shirt. I guess we will never know, however Pitt Meadows is now on the map as having the sorriest bus stop in North America.

Congrats Pitt Meadows!

(Pics courtesy of StreetBlog USA)