This time of year can be tricky for knowing how to dress for the day, especially here on the West Coast aka (Wet Coast.) It has been so nice though to see the sun lately but some days Mother Nature likes to play mind games. One day recently the forecast was for sun the whole day and a high of 20 degrees so I figure a nice sun dress would be appropriate,  I put on my dress and I leave my place and get to work as the sun is shinning. I’m feeling good it’s going to be a good day but then out of nowhere these dark ominous clouds roll in and start to drop rain outside. It’s a fail.

Then the other day the forecast is for a raining day with a high of 10 degrees, so I pull out my boots I just put away because I was thinking it was the right time, but nope it wasn’t the right time. Anyway I put on pants a jacket and my boots and I’m on my way to work. I get to work and it’s pretty dark outside, the showers start to fall and after my on air show is wrapped up I go back to my office. I’m doing some work  for a while and I notice how bright it is in my room all of sudden and I glance outside the window and the sun is on full blast. I walk outside to leave for the day and it’s 22 degrees and I’m wearing my boots and jacket. Another fail.  Thanks Mother Nature, I just love spring!

So what should I wear tomorrow?