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Surrey councillors are expressing concern after what may be the shortest public hearing ever on city council.

Surrey council blew through a public hearing Monday in just over 18 minutes, which included three rezoning applications, five corporate reports, the passage of 10 bylaws and a delegation request. Almost six minutes, a full third of the meeting, was dedicated to reading mayor’s proclamations, leaving 12 minutes for city business.

Several councillors say efficiency is great, but Monday’s meeting was too rushed.

There’s no need to rush through as quickly as we did,” said Coun. Jack Hundial. “Issues were being called off by number, not even by full name… This is the only venue for public discussion, and the public expects that of us.”

Coun. Steven Pettigrew also said the meeting was way too fast.

I was very uncomfortable with the speed of the council meeting last night,” Pettigrew said Tuesday. “It was very rushed. There was not even opportunity for council to keep up with the speed of it. There was missed opportunities for people to say what they wanted to say.”

Mayor Doug McCallum was not available for comment.

Hundial said the issue will be raised at an upcoming council meeting.

Certainly it will be addressed in the weeks to come,” Hundial said.