On Wednesday there were two separate motorcycle accidents in Metro Vancouver. One motorcyclist was struck by an SUV in Coquitlam, another in a busy intersection in Burnaby. Both died. It’s a sad reminder how dangerous driving the two-wheeled vehicles can be. I admit I love my adrenalin sports and pushing the pedal on an empty country road here and there, but motorcycles simply pack too much risk, at least for myself, no matter how thrilling drivers claim the ride to be.

That isn’t to say I haven’t been on one. In my early 20s a date picked me up on a Harley. There we were cruising over the Lions Gate Bridge at sunset, the horizon at my back, wind in my hair, and all I could think was “Good god don’t let me die.” Cars were ripping around us left and right that I just couldn’t shake off the dreaded feeling in my gut that at that speed if we were hit our injuries would be ten times more severe than if  in a protected car.

For people brave enough to live life on two wheels (including my Aunt and Uncle who live to ride) please take the time to brush up on this ICBC safety tips article. It may not provide complete protection on the roads, but it will help cut your chance of being another fatality statistic.

-Vanessa xoxo
– @VanessaLYbarra
– vanessa@pulsefm.ca