A protest is being planned by parents who are frustrated over the COVID-19 situation at schools across B.C.

They’re demanding transparency and want to make sure students and teachers aren’t treated as science experiments, as the number of cases of the coronavirus continues to rise.

Just this week, more COVID-19 exposures and cases have shown up in schools from Vancouver to Abbotsford.

The group calling itself “Right to Fight COVID 19 in BC” is urging parents to keep their kids home from school next Tuesday in protest of the way things are being handled.

The event is being described as a “simple, straight forward way to send the message” to the Public Health Office and the government that parents have a right to be heard — and with empty seats in classes, they will be flexing that muscle and making it clear.

“We want transparency. We want uniform and sustainable remote learning options. We want the right to make sure our children have access to safe and uniform public education. Including children with diverse needs. Our children and teachers aren’t expendable, or a science experiment,” the Facebook event says.

The group is calling for mandated masks, improved ventilation at schools, and smaller class sizes.

“We want prevention,” parents say.