A Langley man’s been in charged in connection with the deaths of his sister – mom – and moms boyfriend in last months house fire in langley – where all three bodies were found.
24 year old Kia Ebrahimian now facing three counts of second-degree murder – however it’s still not known whether the fire was the cause of the deaths – IHIT calling the investigation ‘tragic’

Surrey RCMP are reminding the public of the importance of practicing safety tips when walking alone at night.
It comes after a woman was robbed and sexually assaulted while walking near the King George skytrain station Friday night.
Cpl. Elenore Sturko says the main thing is don’t walk alone, text a friend when you’re going to be home, don’t wear headphones when walking and stick to popular, lit-up toues.
RCMP are still searching for the man behind the attack.

Trudeau says he’s sorry’ and that he should’ve never been a part of the decision to hire the ‘WE charity’ to run a government program – when the organization had paid his mom and brother a good chunk of money to speak at their events a few years back – trudeau now undergoing a full ethics investigation.

The Washington Redskins are dropping their controversial ‘RedSkins’ name and logo of an indian chief  –  the team saying in a statement “we want to keep our sponsors, fans, and communities informed as we go forward on this new transition”. What it’ll be replaced with no one knews yet – ‘Washington Redtails’ and ‘Washington Warriors’ being tossed around.

The blades were back on the ice today at rogers arena – the Canucks taking part in their first day of training camp – where they’ll spend three weeks practicing before taking on the Minnesota Wild in the first round of the playoffs august 2nd!

The cheques keep coming from the feds – on Monday Trudeau extending the wage subsidy program until the end of the year. He says it will help  help give continued support to businesses through the fall and winter.

As COVID-19 cases keep climbing in California – its governor has extended bar and restaurant closures – as well ordering all gyms, churches and hair salons to shut down. – more than eight thousand new cases confirmed yesterday.

12,000KM from Crescent Beach to Newfoundland –  Rajiv Dhaliwal, a 25 year old man from South Surrey is riding his bike the distance – leaving this Wednesday where he will dip his bike tire in the water at Crescent beach to signify the beginning of his ride!

After hearing Trudeau call out systemic racism in the RCMP,  White Rock Staff Sergeant, Kale Pauls reviewed street checks in White Rock over the last few years. Pauls  stated “The conclusions from that –  is that our street checks indicate they’re being done in a bias-free way.” 

You can start getting that wonderful ferry food again as some food services open back up with the loosening of some restrictions and increasing capacity on BC Ferries. More than 300 sailings per month have been added on major routes since the start of June.

We have seen a rise in positive tests of COVID-19 cases over the last week here in BC, but the data that we have been collecting since February should give us the info we need to help with a second wave in the fall. Dr Bonnie Henry saying “The whole plan is making sure that we don’t ever have to go back to shutting everything down like we did in March,” .