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US President Joe Biden made a surprise five-hour visit to Ukraine to tell its president and citizens that America stands with them in the war against Russia. His meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy came just days before the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion. Biden is looking to keep allies unified in their support for Ukraine as the war is expected to intensify while Zelenskyy is pressing allies to speed up delivery of promised weapon systems and urging the West to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine. That’s something that Biden has declined to do so far.

Farm Credit Canada and the US Department of Agriculture report more than two-thirds of the American cattle herd is in an area affected by drought, leading to the largest contraction of the North American cattle herd in a decade. Experts say the drought and other extreme weather events have beef farmers on both sides of the border thinning their herds in near-record numbers. They are worried that could lead to supply problems in the beef industry over the longer term as climate change makes drought, flooding and wildfires more common.

A record 65-hundred and 42 guns were intercepted at American airport security points last year — or about 18 per day. A US Transportation Security Administration official says what his agents are seeing reflects an American society where more people are carrying firearms. Experts don’t think this is an epidemic of would-be hijackers. Nearly everyone caught claims to have forgotten they had a gun with them.

Well wishes and fond remembrances for former US president Jimmy Carter were pouring in a day after he entered hospice care at his home in Georgia. Among those paying homage Sunday was his niece, who noted the legacy of the 39th president at the small Baptist church in Plains, Georgia, where Carter taught Sunday school for decades. Kim Fuller says she doesn’t know who will continue his legacy. In Atlanta, people arrived at The Carter Center to reflect on Carter’s life of humanitarian work